If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

If you are younger then18y, please, leave!

Please, read!

In this blog you can find immages (mostly drawings) that can be disturbing and not acceptable to view for everyone. It is only fantasy and has no connection with reality. But, in any case, if you think you might feel upset by these creations, please, LEAVE!
The same rule for minors - if you are under legal age, please, leave this blog!

středa 17. ledna 2018

Slave auction

One should carefuly choose his slave so that he could fulfill most of the Master's desires... should it be for longer or for very limited period of time....

neděle 3. prosince 2017

Ladder Bound

Next guy, to change the scenario, was bound right to the ladder which was used to get the executed onto the cross... Later on he will just make one or two more steps and get his hands nailed to a crossbeam and his feet to a post.. Now the flogging can begin...

pondělí 18. září 2017

War Barbecque

The butcher from the camp arrived right in time… the processing had just began. The farmer and his son had hidden the catle somewhere not to be found by the army … and so the women of the farm… but the soldiers were hungry… and not only hungry. So the farmer and his son must do… for both purposes…

neděle 3. září 2017

Needles and Pins

New drawing which began as a sketch for a friend who asked for a scene involving torture by long needles and pins.

Inspired by a photo I attach lower… (my private guess: it is a still from one of the movies of the DreamBoyBondage site).

sobota 5. srpna 2017

What happens in a camp...

The world was slowly changing, step by step… before they realized they should run, it was too late. They were being captured on the streets like a prey and moved to camps, where they were beaten, humiliated, tortured… eventually killed.
The world has become a darker place.

(the composition after baroque painting of martyrdom of four crowned saints by francesco trevisani)

pondělí 10. července 2017

Sherwin on Tumblr

If you prefer fast access to my drawings - I created tumblr account... you can find it here: https://sherwinofprague.tumblr.com 
I will be adding content in next days.

Sebastian - reworked

As saint Sebastian is very popular theme among (not only) gay public, it is also very often a theme of my drawings. This one is a new version of older drawing that got lost somewhere... What an elegant way it would be to die... naked masculine body (he was a soldier, the leader) exposed, tied, pierced with arrows... but no fatal wound caused by these... that is a detail that is probably not known to all. He was saved and cured by saint Irene and her helpers. Sebastian died later being clubbed to death after hearing at the emperor. That probably wasn't so elegant view in the end.